Vessel Services


Any vessel which comes alongside or stern-to onto any dock, pier, or breakwater belonging to the port or ties up onto any buoy belonging to the port, or which anchors within the breakwater area, or which berths on any dock or pier or ties up onto any buoy belonging to others within the breakwater area is considered to have been provided harboring services by Port of Bandırma.


Freshwater services consist of any fresh (sweet) water provided by the port to any vessel within the boundary of the port services area. The requester has responsibility for the amount of water that is supplied to a vessel. A signed request form must be submitted before this service can be provided. The port normally fulfills freshwater requests in the order in which the requests are received and insofar as the port’s capacity allows. However the port is authorized to assign fulfillment priorities to vessels in the event of insufficient capacity or emergencies.

Utility water is supplied 24/7 from the valves available on each dock at the Port of Bandırma. Water supply capacity is around 15-20 tons/hour.
Analysis report is available for the utility water supplied at the port, the copies of which are provided upon request.

Waste collection

Waste collection service is provided 24/7.

All vessels are obliged to deliver their waste sorted in accordance with MARPOL 73/78. Medical, hazardous and chemical wastes are strictly prohibited.

Port of Bandırma is authorized to provide waste collection services within the limits of Bandırma Port under the license “10-AKTL-001”covering the waste acceptance plant that has been set up to collect and temporarily store waste which originates from vessels or which is being carried by waste collection vessels.

At the request of a vessel’s agent or captain, 7-ton capacity licensed mobile tankers are deployed by the port to collect oil and oil-derived solid and liquid wastes (bilge, contaminated ballast, sludge, slop, grease, etc) covered by Annex I of the MARPOL 73/78 convention, sewage (MARPOL 73/78 Annex IV), and garbage (MARPOL 73/78 Annex V).

Vessels surrendering solid waste must place the waste in suitable leakproof containers (closed barrels, plastic or similar bags, etc) and leave the containers at the entrance to the warehouse or at the head of the peer as designated by port authorities. In the case of liquid waste, the flange of the vessel’s bilge discharger must be capable of mating with the port’s vehicles. The waste of vessels who have not made sufficient preparation will be collected at times that are deemed suitable by the port.

Household wastewater, bilge water and sludge services are furnished, provided 48-hour notice is given before the arrival of the vessel. Household wastewater, bilge water and sludge are collected with tanker trucks.