Cargo Services

Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo operations involving unpackaged liquid and solid materials of any kind whose loading and unloading usually requires mechanical means and equipment are conducted at Port of Bandırma in compliance with Regulations Concerning the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Cargo Vessels (nr 26040 dated 31 December 2005) published by the Undersecretary for Maritime Affairs.

In the conduct of bulk cargo services, Port of Bandırma carefully complies with measures which will minimize the risks of causing damage or excessive stress to bulk cargo vessels and which will increase vessel safety. At the same time, it also complies with published seaport facility regulations pertaining to the prevention of air pollution arising from industrial activities.

Facility emissions are identified, the contributions that such emissions make to air pollution, and air pollution (PM 10, dust, and particulate matter heavy metal content) levels are all duly measured and reported in compliance with Ministry of the Environment and Forests requirements. As is the case with all of its other port operation activities, Port of Bandırma seeks to minimize the environmental impact and harm of its bulk cargo loading and unloading operations through the measures that it takes.