About Us


It is believed that Bandırma was established some time between the 8th and 9th Century B.C, in the same era with the ancient town of Kyzikos on Kapıdağ peninsula (Arktonnesus). A fishing town and also used as the port of the Kyzikos city-state, Bandırma was known as PANORMOS at the time, which meant “Safe Haven”.

About Port of Bandırma

The preliminary surveys and designs for the modern port date back to 1952 while the actual construction started in 1963.Initially operated by the municipality, Bandırma Port has been transferred to Turkish State Railways (TCDD) based on a Council of Ministers resolution of 1969. The establishment started offering piloting services in 1972.

With Bandırma Chamber of Commerce and Bandırma Commodity Exchange as its minority shareholders, the port’s operating right has been transferred by TCDD to Çelebi Holding on 18 May 2010.

Under the management of Çelebi Holding, investments on equipment and restructuring were stepped up, corporate identity projects were brought to completion and services started under the brand name Çelebi Port of Bandırma.


Having direct link to İstanbul – country’s main business and industrial hub- and to the Southern Marmara and Aegean Regions, the Port of Bandırma enjoys being in unique location at the southern Sea of Marmara. Port serves as the gateway of the Marmara Region for bulk cargo trade . Equipped with modern infrastructure, it is regarded as a port to provide maximum benefit to Southern Marmara, Central Anatolia and Aegean regions, which are the drivers of the nation’s foreign trade, owing to its connections to national railway and highway, combined with its wide on-site storage areas.

Boasting the region’s longest jetty (2973 m), the Port of Bandırma offers bulk cargo, general cargo, containers, liquid cargo and Ro-ro services. Intending to diversify these services with the addition of automotive exports in the near future, the Port of Bandırma takes place among Turkey’s most viable ports.

Upholding quality and the environment in its activities, the Port of Bandırma offers contemporary service in bonded area, which is subject to the General Customs Communiqué (or the so called “shed regime”) in its entirety.