Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Port of Bandırma’s human resources policy is to make Port of Bandırma an employer that people prefer to work by encouraging participation, teamwork, enterprise, creativity, productivity, and loyalty among its personnel.

Port of Bandırma believes that everyone who works for it is an individual representative of the company itself. For that reason it expects all of its personnel to join in a shared group solidarity while abiding by the precepts of the “Çelebi Corporate Culture”, and reflecting that compliance both in their behavior and in their job performance.

Recruitment and Placement

A fundamental principle at all Çelebi Group companies is that of ensuring equality of opportunity in the hiring process. Potential hires are collected in a candidate pool in keeping with our practice of putting the right person in the right job and in line with our human resources planning. In personnel selection, our policy is to give priority to all Çelebi employees in position opportunities in all group companies in accordance with their individual career paths and potentials.

A series of selection and evaluation techniques are used to recruit candidates for positions whose job descriptions and qualification and competency requirements are precisely defined. These include personality tests, general ability tests, foreign language proficiency tests, and competency-based interviews. When large numbers of people are to be hired, group dynamics methods are also used. The last step involves reference checks. Candidates who have successfully passed through all the stages are invited to start work.

Although specific qualifications will vary according to the job being recruited for, a basic requirement for all positions is that candidates be at least 18 years of age and have no unfulfilled military obligations.

Performance and Career Management

A basic performance and career management rule at Çelebi is to identify realistic but challenging objectives that can be expressed in numerical terms and to strive to achieve those objectives. Career management planning provides the basis for the performance evaluations that all employees undergo at regular intervals. A fundamental rule is that feedback provided by company personnel is to be used as input for improving work processes. Such feedback is managed through communication meetings, recommendation systems, and performance interviews.

The professional and managerial competencies required for each position are also specified along with their general ones. Such matters are reviewed at regular intervals and changes and revisions are made as needs dictate. Performance and career management evaluations are also carried out on the basis of the same competencies.

Whenever a position vacancy occurs, it is always announced throughout the entire group. This practice is intended to facilitate position transfers among the group’s national and international operations.

The principles that shape our human resources policy:

• Productivity
• Fairness
• Equality
• Trustworthiness
• Openness
• Prudence


Training and progression plans are formulated in order to ensure that personnel acquire and retain training levels that are sufficient to satisfy the organization’s existing and future competency needs while an ongoing effort is also made to make certain that these plans are carried out without interruption. In this way, attention is given to equipping Port of Bandırma employees with the knowledge and skills which they need in order to achieve the results required of them in the most effective and productive way possible. Port of Bandırma identifies its employees’ training requirements in the field of port management in accordance with the local and international rules that govern its operations.