Social Responsibility

At the Port of Bandırma, we define corporate social responsibility as treating internal and external stakeholders ethically and responsibly, while upholding the same values in decision-making and execution. Our Company built its service concept on the principles of “compliance”, “adherence to ethical values”, and “conformity with human rights”. Holding an important place in the national and international conjuncture, the Port of Bandırma made it a goal to contribute to the development of the economy in the region in particular and across the country, in general.

  • Our Company contributes to the regional economy first and foremost through its approach to service that matches quality standards, and the employment opportunities provided. Majority of the Port of Bandırma staff have been employed from amongst the people of Bandırma; the Company will continue to adhere to this principle in the future hirings as well.
  • In parallel with the maritime sector, maritime and foreign trade education gained importance. Support to be extended by the Company to maritime faculties, vocation schools and vocational high schools that offer training and education in this field makes up a part of our corporate responsibility. In keeping with this, the Company offers internship positions across the organization to help the students gain experience in this field.
  • Students of Bandırma Anadolu Trade Vocational High School Foreign Trade Department paid a visit to our port on 19 June 2010. The staff took necessary action to provide a safe tour of the site by the students and gave them information on our activities. Student visits will continue in the periods coming.
  • The Company’s support to socio-cultural activities makes up another component of our social responsibility. The support extended traditionally every year to the Bandırma Bird Paradise International Culture and Tourism Festival that was organized for the 21st time this year stands for the respect we have in cultural heritage and the value we give to the people of Bandırma. In this frame, Port of Bandırma has been presented with a plaque of appreciation by the Mayor.
  • Ceremonies were held on 01 July 2010 in Bandırma in celebration of the Maritime and Cabotage Day. At the ceremony, trophies were distributed to award-winners of the painting competition organized among elementary school students and sponsored by our Company. This was followed by a sailing tour on our towboats for the attendees to the ceremony, during which a wreath was placed on the water and one minute of silence was offered in commemoration of soldiers who died at sea.
  • Furthermore, we attentively follow-up the successful performance of Bandırmaspor and support the club as a company.
  • Within the frame of corporate culture, our Company will continue to actively take part in social projects that will be carried out in cooperation with public and non-governmental organizations in the coming period, as well.