Quality & HSE

Health And Safety Policy

At Çelebi Port of Bandırma, the occupational health and safety policy is erected on the pillar of preventing, as far as possible, any damage to our employees, customers, business partners, third parties and any equipment during the course of our operations and services rendered in all of our fields of activity. We act based on the awareness that safe operations require not only technical gear, sound facilities and equipment but also capable employees and an active OHS culture, and that no activity is important enough to neglect safety precautions.


  • Constantly monitor Occupational Health and Safety Management System by defining perils and evaluating risks during our operations
  • Regularly consult with internal and external agencies and establishments regarding our Company’s activities to ensure better perception of health, safety and environment-related topics by preserving the society’s confidence about the integrity of our operations, and candidly report on our performance
  • Provide training to all our employees, business partners, and third parties on site the port to make sure that they are informed on occupational health and safety rules and practices
  • Set up a control mechanism to ensure that management systems to be established by all the parties working for Çelebi are consistent with our OHS policy, based on the awareness that they might have an impact on our credibility
  • Work in compliance with the entire body of OHS legislation (laws, regulations and by-laws) covered under the Turkish law
  • Identify all risks that our employees, customers and visitors may be exposed to during our operations and take necessary measures accordingly
  • Adapt the internationally accepted OHS best practices to our fields of activity
  • Organize training sessions and meetings so that OHS policies and objectives are understood, implemented, and constantly remain on the agenda
  • Regularly monitor and continually improve the OHS performance and report to our employees, senior management and customers
  • Work towards creating a safe working environment that will protect our people, assets and establishment against risks of loss, accident or damage that might result from criminal or malicious acts
  • Follow-up new technologies and practices in the field of occupational health and safety and incorporate them into the existing system