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Environment Policy

In the management of its resources and performance of its activities, Çelebi Port of Bandırma opts for environment-friendly and most economical means available. The Port will achieve enhanced quality of life by way of minimizing all kinds of environmental and social impacts that will result from its operational development, continually improving its environmental management performance, and making measurements in an effort to prevent pollutants.

The key component of our Environment Policy is to adopt measures so as to minimize the adverse effects caused to the environment during any activity for a sustainable and viable future.

Along this line, the Environment Management System is periodically reviewed in view of the changing circumstances, and efforts are spent to constantly increase our performance criteria.


  • Make sure that our Environment Policy is known by all our employees, customers and third parties with whom we are in contact
  • Achieve compliance with all local and national laws and regulations concerning the environment
  • Take environmental factors into consideration during the operation of the port and try and prevent pollution at the source
  • Monitor power, fuel and water consumption to adopt measures to reduce the same and set annual targets so as to ensure sustainable improvement
  • Adopt measures to reduce solid, liquid and powder waste resulting from our activities and strive to realize reuse or recovery possibilities
  • Carry out modeling and drills in advance in order to minimize damages to the environment in the event of an accident or contingency that may arise during our operations
  • Collect waste produced by vessels and convert them into recoverable energy sources and minimize damage to the environment through recycling and correct disposal methods
  • Provide training to enhance environmental awareness of our employees and their sense of individual responsibility

Exchange opinions with our customers, employees, neighbors, non-governmental organizations observing the public interest, and our business partners, turn a careful ear to them and candidly respond to their demands