Cargo Services

General Cargo

Big bag (FIBC), baled, palletized, and bundled cargo loading and unloading services are provided at Port of Bandırma to ships that are suitable for transporting general cargo. Every effort is made to ensure that the loading and unloading of all goods that qualify as “general cargo” take place efficiently, effectively, and damage-free in accordance with cargo handling standards.

Items of general cargo that are to be loaded aboard vessels will be brought alongside by the port if they were previously surrendered to the port to be warehoused. If they were not so surrendered, it is the responsibility of the owner to bring them alongside the ship.

When goods are unloaded from a vessel, the port takes delivery of them from the vessel’s captain. If the goods are to be placed in a warehouse, they will be surrendered to their owner when they leave the warehouse. If they are to be surrendered alongside, they will be turned over to the owner when they are aboard the vehicle.