Container operations take start at Çelebi Port of Bandırma.


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Container operations take start at Çelebi Port of Bandırma.

Initiated to enable container operations at the Port of Bandırma, new investments continue at full speed, under which container Mobile Harbor Cranes (MHC), field stackers, container stuffers and transfer equipment have been brought to the port. Furthermore, the master plan developed for the necessary infrastructure for the container terminal has been approved, and concreting and reinforcement were initiated for the RTG lines to be set up upon increased container traffic.

Following the completion of investments, Port of Bandırma currently has an annual container handling capacity of 150,000 TEU. With additional investments slated for completion by end-2013, the annual container handling capacity will be increased to 350,000 TEU.

The first container ship docked at the Port of Bandırma, which was taken over by Çelebi Holding in 2010. Containers holding Eti Maden’s boron mineral have been successfully handled on the ship owned by CSAV Norasia liner.

The fact that container handling, which was previously performed at nearby ports like İzmir, Gemlik and İstanbul, is now available at the Port of Bandırma attracts investors and companies, thus putting these operations under close follow-up by the exporters and importers in the region. It is firmly believed that the container traffic in the port will make a solid contribution to the development of the region.