Çelebi Port Bandırma representatives take part in Balıkesir Chamber of Industry assembly meeting.


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Çelebi Port Bandırma representatives take part in Balıkesir Chamber of Industry assembly meeting.

At the regular assembly meeting of the Balıkesir Chamber of Industry held on 11 August 2011, Balıkesir business people and industrialists were given a presentation about Çelebi Port Bandırma’s services, with a particular focus on the port’s container operations. The meeting was hosted by the Balıkesir Chamber of Industry, whose attending members were also given information about the services provided by the firms of CSAV and KTL in collaboration with Çelebi at the port.

During the presentation, which provided technical information about the port as well as the port’s past history and operations, special attention was drawn to investments that are being planned for the future.

Concerning Port Bandırma, spokesmen at the meeting said: “Port Bandırma has opened its doors for importers and exporters who presently make use of the İzmir, Ambarlı, and Gemlik ports. Originally conceived in 1952, Port Bandırma was built in 1963. The port area occupies 278,000 m². It has a total dock length of 2,973 meters with 20 piers and a draft depth of 12 meters.” Noting the presence of two state-owned companies (ETI and TMO) at the port, it was also pointed out that investments would be continuing in line with Çelebi’s concession agreement.

During the first phase of investments after Çelebi took over the port’s operation, two 100-ton capacity MHC, three container stackers (two for filled and one for empty container units), and container filling equipment were acquired along with fifty Mercedes tractors for the benefit of customers and their highway cargo transport activities.” It was also stated that container operations via CSAV Norasia liner services began in May. “Our goal is to make Çelebi Port Bandırma an international shipping gateway for the Central Anatolia as well as the South Marmara” declared Çelebi officials, who also said that they were looking forward to the support and cooperation of Balıkesir Chamber of Industry members in making this a reality.